Why Donate

Your donation to the Made in Santa Rosa Foundation makes you a partner in our work to equitably invest in and create programs that promote opportunity, inspire engagement and elevate youth voice. Our funding is directed to:

  • Enrichment programs including music, sports, arts and culture
  • STEM programs
  • Field trips
  • Tutoring/mentoring
  • Gardens and campus beautification projects
  • Incentives such as gift cards for staff and students
  • Mini-grants for community service projects that connect to the six pillars of Portrait of a Graduate

Your support is vital to the growth and sustainability of the foundation so that we can continue to provide funding, serve as an advocate for equitable educational enrichment opportunities, and to help us close the access and achievement gaps.

To donate, please send a check made payable to:

Made in Santa Rosa Foundation
211 Ridgway Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

If you are interested in participating in our Annual Investment Partner Campaign, please contact Lisa Alexander at lisa@madeinsantarosa.org.