Who We Serve

The Made in Santa Rosa Education Foundation's primary focus is to support kindergarten through 8th grade — approximately 6,000 students. This includes 9 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, plus Lewis Early Learning Academy and Ridgway High School.


  • Lewis Early Learning Academy

Elementary Schools

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Albert F. Biella
  • Brook Hill
  • Helen Lehman
  • Hidden Valley
  • James Monroe
  • Luther Burbank
  • Proctor Terrace
  • Steele Lane

Middle Schools

  • Herbert Slater
  • Hilliard Comstock
  • Rincon Valley
  • Santa Rosa Middle

High School

  • Ridgway

2023/24 School Year Support

The Made in Santa Rosa Education Foundation provided grants to eight elementary schools, two middle schools, and one Pre-K special education school, impacting and engaging approximately 4,500 students. 

The grants included:

Albert Biella Elementary: Funding for walk-a-thon t-shirts for all students. Many students each year are unable to purchase one, so now all students will receive one for the coveted March event. Students are then encouraged to wear the t-shirts on Fridays as a school community.

Brook Hill Elementary: Funding for at-lunch and after-school clubs including Environmental, Crochet, Cheerleading, Bobcat Bootcamp, Art and Volleyball. Most students at this school cannot afford such camps outside of school.

Helen Lehman Elementary: Funding for an Art Docent program

Hidden Valley Elementary: Funding for plants and seeds for a new campus garden

Lewis Early Learning Academy: Funding for a family education event focusing on self-care strategies, as the parents of children with special needs have additional pressures that can be extra-taxing on the family unit

Abraham Lincoln Elementary: Funding for classroom door murals featuring culturally relative images students will help create along with a professional artist

Luther Burbank Elementary: Funding for book inventory for their book vending machine

Proctor Terrace Elementary: Funding for school garden plants and supplies

Herbert Slater Middle School: Funding for violins for a new orchestra and mariachi band

Santa Rosa Middle School: Funding for their Make Gardens Grown program expansion



Our Impact

Students Served
Schools Served

The graphic below illustrates the disparity between schools in donations received. Our goal is to close the gap and raise funds to equitably invest in programs, projects and resources.

Elementary School Donations

Of the 9 elementary schools in 2018/19

2 Averaged $20K

7 Averaged $3K

Middle School Donations

Of the 4 middle schools in 2018/19

2 Averaged $28K

2 Averaged $2.5K

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