Grant Requests

The Made in Santa Rosa Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to equitably invest in and create programs that promote opportunity, inspire engagement, and elevate youth voice in the K-8 Santa Rosa schools.

The 2024/25 grant cycle is now open.  

Grant Guidelines

  • Programs/projects should be consistent with the vision/goals of the Santa Rosa City School District
  • Proposed program/project must have a high diversity, equity and inclusion impact
  • Promote and improve student educational experiences
  • Program/projects falls outside of district or site funds
  • Grant submissions must include a project budget (located to the right of this screen)
  • Grant funds should maximize student impact and have sustainable benefits
  • Include youth voice
  • Promote school and community communication
  • Funds must be used in the school year they are awarded (if circumstances dictate an overflow to the next school year permission must be granted by the Made in Santa Rosa Education Foundation board of directors)
  • Principals agree to complete an evaluation of the program/project as outlined below:

Grant Reporting/Evaluation 

A summary of the program/project including the number of students impacted and the ways in which their learning and literacy was enhanced by the grant, as well as how diversity, equity and inclusion were enhanced, developed, or celebrated.

How will you measure the success of the program/project?

An assessment of the program/project’s success to include data that illustrates: 

  • Short-term impact (i.e., improved attendance, reading scores, math grades) 
  • Inclusion of photos (with releases) depicting student engagement within the program/project
  • 3-5 one-minute videos (with releases) of students stating how the project impacted them

Future eligibility for grant funds will be based on submission of evaluation report. Reports will be due in June, 2025. Evaluation Forms will be sent out in late spring.

Our Grants Include:

  • Enrichment programs including music, sports, arts, culture, and the ELitE literacy program
  • STEAM programs
  • Gardens and campus beautification projects (must include strong student involvement/engagement)
  • School/student engagement programs encouraging and embracing contributions to school culture
  • Classroom grants (principals assign teachers to apply)

Click icon to access Program Budget Worksheet

Program budget worksheet must be submitted along with grant request. Once completed, send the budget worksheet to

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